Disgusting Myths about Low Back Pain

MYTH #1. Painkillers, Muscle Relaxers, Opioids fix the problem

These are all temporary fixes. Low Back Pain is not an illness that can resolve with medication. It is a result of a faulty movement pattern. Being able to decipher and analyze that pattern, can solve your back issues. 

MYTH #2: My Doctor states that back surgery will DEFINITELY decrease my pain.

A study in 2014, that compiled research on individuals who have received lumbar fusion surgery and have not received lumbar fusion surgery, revealed no significant difference in pain and function between those two groups. (1)

MYTH #3. I was told my pain was a result of my disc. 

A recent study performed on 1,211 healthy adults, performed a MRI and CT scan on individuals WITHOUT low back pain. That study showed that imaging revealed disc bulges, disc protrusions, disc degeneration in individuals without low back pain (2). Individuals without pain, can MRI's and CT Scans that look the same or worse when compared to those with pain.

myth #4. This is permanent and will never go away.

THIS IS NOT TRUE! With the correct treatment you can return to 100% prior level of function. Whether its returning to your sport, your job, caring for those you love or even just bending over to pick up something. 

myth #5. Movement will make the disc worse

When working with a trained physical therapist, exercise and movment can help, By focusing on ways to decrease disc irritation, improve vertebral joint ROM, acheving proper alignment, reduce imbalances caused by muscle tightness and improving neuromuscular control, you will becoome pain free.