San Antonio's Cash-Based Physical Therapy Clinic

Step 1


+ Book an appointment

Using our book a session button, book an appointment any time and pay up front. This way we can ensure the most of our time!

+ Fill out our Intake Paperwork

In order to save time, fill out all the paperwork. Click Here to download intake paperwork.

+ BodyTrack

Once you have booked an appointment, BodyTrack is where it all starts! After getting an understanding of your history and goals we will begin to formulate a way to track the cause of your pain.

+ OmegaTrain Planning

Once we complete BodyTrack, we will be able to give you a break down of our OmegaTrain Plan. We will explain to you what is causing your pain and give you an indepth look at what you can expect from us before you pay for any future sessions.

Step 2


+ Get A Doctor's Referral

In accordance with Texas State Law, physical therapists are allowed to perform an initial assessment (BodyTrack) but not allowed to perform any treatment without a Doctor's referral. Not to worry! Here are your options:

  1. If you already have a referral from your Doctor, come right on in. We do not need another one.
  2. Have you already seen a Doctor, Chiropractor or any other Healthcare Professional for your injury? If so, call the office and ask them to send us a referall (via fax)
  3. Do you know a Physician, or Chiropractor? If so, have them send us a script (via fax)
  4. Do you have a Primary Care Physician? If so, see them ASAP and ask them for a referral
  5. Visit a near by Urgent Care Center. Explain to them your pain and ask for a physical therapy referral.

We understand you dont want to wait or pay more money than you need to and we do not blame you! We want you to receive the best care possible and we believe we can give you that.

+ Direct Access


As a Physical Therapy profession, we are fighting for what is called "Direct Access." this is a proposed bill (SB 728) in the Texas Legislature, that would allow us to see you without a Doctors Referral. Currently every state in the United States except Texas and Illinois have Direct Access. Also, every profession including Chiropractors, Optometrists, Acupuncturists, Personal Trainers, Massage Therapists, Reiki Healers, Yoga Instructors has Direct Access. Physical Therapists have received their Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Which means a Bachelors Degree and 3 years of intense Post-Graduate Training.

To learn more go here for the Texas Physical Therapy Associaations (TPTA) support for Physical Therapists

To Act Sign this petition

Step 3


+ Book a 60 Minute Session Or Book our Package

Once you have received your Doctors Referral, go to book a session and select either a 60 minute session or our package services.

+ OmegaTraining

Here is where we use our OmegaTrain Plan to solve any issues with your pain and performance. Helping you become the best version of yourself.

+ Feel Better

We want to help you become the best version of yourself. Keep us updated on how you feel by emailing us when you can. Always remember, we are here anytime you need us, so contact us anytime.


+ What to wear

We want you to be comfortable and at the same time be able to efficently help treat you. We recommend you wear shorts and a T-Shirt, Sports Bra or Tank Top. Also if you could, smell so fresh and so clean!

+ What to expect

During our first session, we focus just on analyzing your movement and giving you an indepth breakdown of what we see. In order to do so, you may experience some pain. Don't worry, this is a normal response and we are able to help!

+ How many treatments will I need

This will vary from person to person. During your first session, our therapists will give you their honest opinion on the number of sessions. We will work with you to give you most with as little pay possible.

+ Can you treat me without a referral

Sadly no. Texas state law requires a referral for treating a patient.