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learn 5 tips to put an end to your low back pain. 

This is for those suffering from Low Back Pain. If you experience a pinch in your back when standing up, stiffness and pain when getting up in the morning or an aching throughout the day this guide is for you. Over the years physicians have told patients the only option to relieve back pain is surgery. What they have not told you is the amount of pain patients have after surgery and how it does not help 100% of the time. If surgery is not advised, usually rest is. However, research has proven otherwise when it comes to Low Back pain. Also, opioids and painkillers are a common prescription. However, these just mask the pain and do not attack the pain at its root cause. It in fact can cause more damage to the lining of your stomach and liver in the long run than actually help.

I have treated hundreds of patients with Low Back Pain, with successful results. I cannot promise you that these 5 tips will help you just like it has helped my other patients. What I can tell you is that if your pain is affecting your daily life and stopping you from doing what you love, then you need to download this free strategy guide.

If you want this guide, call my clinic at 214-680-8809 or click the button and confirm your details. 


Ribu is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word School of Physical Therapy in San Antonio, Texas. He has been surrounded by sports, rehabilitation, and optimizing performance his whole life. Prior to becoming a therapist, Ribu suffered a series of knee injuries. After several eye opening sessions of successful rehabilitation, he pursued his PT Doctoral degree where he became obsessed with decreasing injury risk for other athletes. He also developed a passion for helping those who are injured return to a higher level of performance. Ribu has trained under Fellows of Manual Physical Therapy, where he developed his unique skill set and has successfully implemented them over his career.Ribu loves working with all types of patients looking to better themselves and their performance.


UrGent Low Back Pain

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